ASE Certification in Auto Repair: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

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Technology in the automotive service industry is constantly changing, which is why it’s essential for you to entrust your vehicle to mechanics who stay informed and knowledgeable about automotive service and repair. The best way to know the level of education and skill of a technician is to know whether or not they’re ASE certified.

So, what exactly is ASE Certification?

ASE stands for the National Institute of Automotive Excellence. With over 300,000 certified technicians, ASE is dedicated to professional excellence in automotive service. Their goal is to provide security to automotive repair consumers, auto shops, and technicians by measuring the level of expertise of each of their certified technicians. Their professional certification ensures mechanics are able to repair every internal and external problem with a vehicle. By earning ASE certification, technicians can provide proof of their knowledge and skills to both employers and consumers alike.

Special Training and Professional Education Required

In order to become ASE Certified, automotive technicians must pass an ASE certification exam. The exams are written by professionals from varying fields in the industry including experienced technicians, manufacturers, and educators. By testing the knowledge of each technician over engine repair and performance, axles, suspension, brakes, electrical systems, and more, ASE certification exams ensure those technicians with an ASE distinction are operating at peak performance. There are over 40 versions of the exam, each created to measure both automotive repair skills and on-the-job knowledge. To maintain this level of excellence, the exam must be taken every five years.

Along with the testing portion, two years of credible work experience and a two-year degree in automotive repair are required to earn the ASE Certification. By earning this professional certification, technicians are able to learn more, grow faster, and improve their overall performance.

Like the Hippocratic Oath for Doctors, ASE Certified Mechanics Follow a Code of Ethics

Provided by the National Institute of Automotive Excellence, the ASE Code of Ethics is known as the “bedrock” of mechanic values. We all know the common stereotype of the mechanic who is out to swindle money out of the unassuming customer. For this reason, ASE certified technicians are expected to follow a code of ethics involving:

  • Honesty and workmanship.
  • Knowledge of the industry.
  • Safety.
  • High standards.
  • Positive reputation.

By working with ASE certified technicians, you can be assured your mechanic has a certain level of professionalism and integrity. They aren’t out to give you unnecessary repairs. Instead, ASE certified technicians want to get you back on the the road as quickly and safely as possible. Why? It’s in “the code.”

What are the Risks of Hiring a Non-ASE Certified Technician?

Hiring an ASE certified technician means you know you’ll be getting high-quality service. Without certification, there’s no way to gage a mechanics level of expertise. You could be wasting time, money, or even risking further damages to your vehicle. Studies have shown that ASE certified technicians are more productive and more likely to get the job done right the first time around, and when it comes to identifying vehicle repairs, they have the upperhand. Because technicians with ASE certification are more generally more thorough, repairs are done quickly and with great integrity.

If you want to know whether or not you’re working an ASE certified technician, just ask! Most places won’t even consider hiring a technician who isn’t certified in some way, but it doesn’t hurt to know your mechanics credentials. After all, you rely heavily on your vehicle to get you safely from point A to point B. Shouldn’t you be able to put the same trust in your mechanic?


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