Beware the Tune-up Special: 3 Facts Car Owners Need to Know about Vehicle Maintenance

beware the tune up special

First and foremost, the days of the “tune-up” are over. Back when our parents and grandparents owned their first cars, vehicles had more moving parts that needed to be adjusted, cleaned, replaced–otherwise known as a “tune-up.” With today’s cars, everything is controlled by computers. Our car’s computers constantly make adjustments for temperature, load, age of the vehicle, etc. Today’s vehicle parts are made to last longer and perform more efficiently, which means there is no reason to take your car in for a regularly scheduled tune-up. They can be a waste of your time and hard-earned money.

There’s a better way to keep your car running efficiently than unnecessary tune-ups. Here are three facts you as a car owner need to know to take the best care of your vehicle, without overpaying.

Follow the list of service checks in your owner’s manual.

Mileage-based services make much more sense for today’s vehicles than the tune-ups of the past. In the owner’s manual for your car, there is a checklist for services specific to your vehicle. Always refer to this checklist for recommendations regarding maintenance. If you keep up with the service schedule, there shouldn’t be any reason your car would need a tune-up.

Avoid tune-up specials.

Don’t get caught-up in the bait and switch tactic used by some auto-technicians offering “tune-up specials.” Often times, these specials are meant to bring customers to the shop due to low prices and the promise of getting their vehicles into tip-top shape. However, car owners can end up walking out with a huge bill for repairs the technician says they “desperately” need. If you’re having an issue with your vehicle, look for an auto-repair shop that will identify the problem and fix it without charging you for a tune-up or a mess of repairs you don’t need.

No matter what light illuminates on the dash–have it checked.

99 out of 100 problems with you car will cause the check engine light to turn on. This means, contrary to popular belief, emissions or engine trouble are not always the cause. A check engine light does not mean your car needs a tune-up, it means there’s a specific issue or issues that need addressing. Any problem your car’s computer finds in any one of your vehicle’s many components can cause the check engine light to turn on, and it’s never a good idea to avoid service lights to save money or for lack of time. If your check engine–or any other service light–turns on, schedule an appointment with your maintenance technician right away.

Addressing service lights and adhering to the service schedule for your vehicle is not the same as arbitrarily taking your car in a for tune-up. Staying informed can save you valued time and hard-earned money.

If your car is overdue for service or if there is a check engine light staring you in the face everyday, give us a call!

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