Brake Service – Inspections & Repairs

Brake Inspections, Brake Repair, Brake Replacements

Brake Service St. Louis

It’s always a good idea to take it easy on your brakes, but when it comes time to have them inspected – there’s no time for a slow stop. Your vehicle’s brake system needs to be at peak performance to avoid accidents and injuries. At Squires Services, we’re dedicated to offering you the best possible brake inspections and services to do just that. (more…)

St. Louis Automotive Electrical Systems Diagnostics and Repair Service

At Squires Services, we understand how important it is for your vehicle to function properly. It’s what gets you from point A to point B, which is why we offer full Automotive Electrical Diagnostics and Repair services. Vehicles operate with electrical systems including computer operated systems, power control modules (check engine lights, etc.), air bag systems, anti-lock brake systems, as well as power windows, doors, seats, mirrors, and more. Each of these systems work together and separately to help your vehicle perform its best. (more…)

Auto Care

Full Service ASE Certified Auto Repair

Full Service Auto Repair Service

Squires Auto Care has one goal in mind and that is to for us to be your trusted mechanic. We hold our courteous and friendly staff and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Technicians to the highest standards. We are experts in Auto Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Replacement, Complete Engine Diagnostic’s and Repair, Tires, Check Engine Light, Fleet Services, Fuel Systems, Electrical Systems, Steering & Suspension, Performance Mufflers & Exhausts, Oil Changes, Heating & Air, Car Inspections and more. (more…)

Towing Services

We're available 24/7

24/7 Towing Service in St. Louis and Arnold, MO

We specialize in all light, medium and heavy duty towing services. Our dispatchers provide true 24-hour personalized service, which means there is never an answering machine or answering service. Our dispatch staff is trained to assess your requirements quickly and send the correct Squires vehicle on its way within minutes. Every safety precaution is observed to ensure a safe ride to your vehicle’s destination. (more…)

Roadside Assistance

We'll get you back on the road

St. Louis Roadside Assistance

Call us if you need assistance, we’ll get you back on the road

Squire Services offers many roadside assistance services including out of gas delivery, breakdowns, spare tire change, lockout assistance, jumpstarts and many more. Don’t wait on the side of the road in the extreme weather for hours waiting for emergency roadside assistance. Our clean uniformed tow truck drivers have the best navigational equipment to ensure the fastest response time. Give us a call right now for immediate assistance. (more…)

Safety and Emissions Inspections

At Squires Services, our courteous and friendly staff and ASE Certified Technicians are held to the highest standards. As qualified automotive professionals, we make sure when your vehicle is inspected, it adheres Missouri’s specific requirements for vehicle safety and emissions. We provide Missouri Safety inspections and State Emissions tests at our two service shop locations in St. Louis, on Gravois Rd. and in Arnold, MO. (more…)